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Jazz Guitar Meets Church Organ

Jim Hall praises CD Joep van Leeuwen Mid-October. Guitarist Joep van Leeuwen unexpectedly received a card from his American colleague Jim Hall. With a handwritten review of Van Leeuwen's CD 'Jazz Guitar Meets Church Organ'. "What a marvelous record! It is the freshest sounding music I have heard in years" and as a joke: Wow! It almost made me religious (but not quite)". Van Leeuwen made the CD with organist Gero Körner. Joep van Leeuwen: "It should be clear that we consider it an incredible honour that this master took the time to listen to this CD and to send us his findings in a postcard."

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Jazz Guitar Meets Church Organ

Jazz International Rotterdam, CD reviews. Fine and rare duet with jazz guitar and church organ, Tim Sprangers.

Jazz Guitar meets Church Organ

Jazzenzo online review. A heartfelt meeting between two instruments that have gone their own long seperate ways but yet get along just fine here.

Jazz Guitar Meets Church Organ

Online review in Orgelnieuws. Briefly, a lot of positive things can be said about this CD but really you just have to listen to it.

Jazz Guitar Meets Church Organ

Online review in the German Klassik-Heute. What should one admire most about this CD that takes it listener (me anyway) on a fantastic sound journey and discloses a new, in the beginning maybe disruptive, but intoxicating musical world?

The Dance and the Blues

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