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For publication, you can download and get all the information you need on Joep van Leeuwen from this page. Download biography in Dutch or English and high resolution images below.

 1: Solo Jazz Guitar CD "It Could Happen to You" by Joep van Leeuwen 

"Playing and improvising jazz on a guitar solo got started in 1974 with the release of the record “Virtuoso” by Joe Pass. This American was the first to record a whole record with solo jazz guitar. He proved it could be done. Up to then it was considered impossible." 


Read or download full article on background information to solo jazz guitar playing. This article also includes detailed information on all the CD tracks.

 3: Restoring the score to Jim Hall's Piece for Guitar and Strings 

REPORTAGE: Reconstruction of a jazz composition.

Maastricht jazz musician, teacher and historian Joep van Leeuwen is working on the reconstruction of a 50-year-old composition by American jazz guitarist Jim Hall. The piece is called Piece for guitar and Strings, and it was recorded once in 1960 by Jim Hall himself. According to Van Leeuwen, it is an important piece from the time that possibilities for blending classical music and jazz music were sought.

Article in Jazz Bulletin on restoring Hall's score

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