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1985 - Present

Maastricht Conservatory, Jazz Department professor of:
  1. Jazz Guitar
  2. History of Jazz (1987)
  3. Ensemble/combo Playing (1987)

1992 - 1997

Board member of IAJE (International Association of Jazz Educators)

1993 - 1997

European Coordinator IAJE

1995 - 2001

Co-head of Jazz Department Maastricht Conservatory

1996 - 2007

Head of Master program of Conservatories Maastricht & Tilburg.

1975 - 1980

Music School Heerlen guitar teacher


Solo Jazz Guitar Playing, Boston, USA, for International Association of Jazz


Playing the Guitar-Trombone format for Montreux Jazz Festival Educational track


Introductive speech for a Cleo Laine concert in Maastricht


Introducing the big bands to the Heerlen Big Band Festival


Lecture on Blue Notes, their origin and use for Blue Note Consultants


Workshop on synthesizer guitar for Maastricht Conservatory

Workshops / Lectures (selection)

2005, Dec. 7th

Workshop on playing synthesizer guitar in trio format.

2002, March 18

Lecture on the Blue Note, its origin and usage for Jazzclub Carnaval du Jazz.

July 1999

Montreux Switserland. Workshop on guitar-trombone duo.

July 1996

Montreux Switserland. Workshop on Solo Jazz Guitar playing.

1994, March 24th

Lecture on Spirituals for Maastricht Academy of Music

January 1994

IAJE, Boston, Solo jazz guitar and why aren’t more guitarist playing this format

1992, October 29th

How to Teach Jazz History for IAJE (International Association of Jazz Educators) first European IAJE Conference in Maastricht


Lecture on History of Jazz for Studium Generale Maastricht University


2006 - 2009

Member of lectorate Autonomie en Openbaarheid in de Kunsten

(Autonomy and the public Domain in the Arts)

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