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Mar 27, 2011

The Art of the Duo

Duo Joep van Leeuwen and Piotr Torunski



Guitars / Synthesizer Guitar   &  Bass Clarinet


March 31, 2011 Pesthuys theatre, 8 pm


Jazz at the pesthuyspodium: The Art of the Duo


On of the most beautiful instruments in the world is the bass clarinet. Unfortunately it is an instrument one hears only rarely in jazz.

Piotr Torunski just passed his Masters exam at the Jazz Department of the Maastricht Music Academy with grade 10.

Apart from being an excellent player he also is a gifted composer.

Both his pieces and duo pieces by Joep van Leeuwen will be on the program at the lovely intimate Pesthuys theater.




The art of the Duo and Trio is an on-going series of concerts that Joep van Leeuwen intiated in 2010. The idea behind the series is to have unusual instrumental combination perform jazz.

Youtube: duo with Dick de Graaf, October 19 2010, performing "The Family" by Joep van Leeuwen 


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