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In the end it’s not the instrument that counts but the music. The guitar is happenstance, the idea and the sound are deliberate....

Joep van Leeuwen performs in formats ranging from solo jazz guitar, duo and trio to big band with occasional unique excursions to church organstring quartet and gregorian chant choir. With   Maastricht, Holland as his basis he has performed in....Read more


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Jan 21, 2013



Click: 4 stars review from Down Beat


Praise from Jim Hall for CD

“What a marvelous record! It is the freshest sounding music I have heard in years” and jokingly: “Wow! It almost made me religious (but not quite)” is what Jim Hall says in a handwritten note about for this CD.  We are honoured that this master (he is Chevalier in the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres) would deem our music worthy of his praise. Reports: Jazz Bulletin & JazzFlits reports (page 2)


…….thoughtful compositions performed with discipline and heart….……from the liner notes by Jasper van 't Hof

……a new exciting music arises from this mixing of jazz, some rock elements and composing techniques derived from classical music…...click for sheet music).

Cover by Bruno van Leeuwen, age 8

...This CD is a real meeting, not a nonchalant jam to ad lib on some existing jazz standards... a thorough research of a new musical world... (From the 32 page booklet with comprehensive track annotation and sheet music excerpts.)


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online review:..... innige ontmoeting tussen twee instrumenten die elk op zich al een lange weg zijn gegaan en het hier toch prima met elkaar kunnen vinden.....a heartfelt meeting between two instruments that have gone their own long seperate ways but yet get along just fine here......

Newspaper De Limburger **** stars


...opmerkelijke ontmoeting van twee instrumenten en twee uiteenlopende karakters....the remarkable meeting of two instruments and two diverse characters......(complete review Dutch & translation)



.......al improviserend hebben Joep en Gero een prachtplaats geproduceerd......Joep and Gero have produced a tremendous improvisational record..........

.....ze vervlechten jazz uit de jaren vijftig en klassieke fuga's straffeloos met avant-gardistische klanken............... in a splendid way Joep and Gero mix 1950ties jazz and classic fugues with avant-garde sounds.......

......chapeau voor de creativiteit van Van Leeuwen en Korner.... .....hats off to the creativity of Van Leeuwen and Körner.......

Click for full review (scroll for English)

Jazzmozaiek (Belgium)

.....Van Leeuwen en Körner hebben een afwisselende cd afgeleverd waarin de rijkdom gezamelijke klankkleuren met zorg en smaak wordt gtaleerd.........Van Leeuwen en Korner hand in a CD in which a whealth of common timbres is displayed with care and taste..

JazzBulletin (Holland)

De Maastrichtse gitarist Joep van Leeuwen en de Keulse organist Gero Korner gaan onbevreesd samen aan de slag in twaalf eigen composities.......& Thoughtful compositions performed with discipline and art.


Klassik-Heute (Germany)


Was soll man am meisten bewundern an dieser CD, die dem Hoerer auf einer fantastischen Klangreise eine (jedenfalls mir) neue, anfangs vielleicht verstoerende, dann aber fast schon suechtig machende musikalische Welt erschliesst?......read more

(What should one admire most about this CD that takes it listener (me anyway) on a fantastic sound journey and discloses a new, in the beginning maybe disruptive, but entoxicating musical world?....read more)

Jazzism (Holland)


**** 1/2 star review by Coen de Jonge: De muziek blijft steeds interessant en zinvol (.....) Kleine wijzingen en toevoegingen houden de luisteraar steeds bij de les: welke kant gaan ze nu op? (......) Intrigerend , maar dat niet alleen: ook gewoon mooi......read all

The music keeps on being interesting and meaningful (....) little changes and additions keeps the listerner interested: where will they go next? (.....) Intriguing, but not just that: just plain pretty too.


The CD was promoted at two concerts in Holland:
Den Bosch, Grote Kerk, July 31, 2011 &

Amsterdam Orgelpark November 26, 2011 in collaboration with Jasper van 't Hof.

Dutch organ magazine Het Orgel published a cover story on this project. For full article in Dutch: click

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